[IN STOCK] Graphite Gold Switches (PACK OF 10)


"The GG Switch"

Second hit from Designer Studio and this time it's their interpretation on long pole linear switch with their own G1 stem material - combining POM, UPE, Paraffin and other materials to further reduce travel friction. When lubed it is so so smooth with a deeper and rounded sound profile compare to Cobalt and Piano thanks to their optimized stem design and full nylon housing.

Lubing recommendation:

Creamy - Krytox 205g0 on stem, bottom housing, 105g0 on springs

Clack - Kryox 205g0 + 105g0 (1:1 mix ratio) on stem, bottom housing, 105g0 on springs

  • 5 pin MX style linear switch
  • Material: Nylon top & bottom, G1 stem
  • Spring: 63.5 custom slow spring
  • Actuation: 48g
  • Bottom out: 63.5g
  • Actuation distance: 2.0mm ± 0.5mm
  • Total travel: 3.8mm ± 0.1mm
  • Stem length: 13.2mm
  • Unlubed
  • Produced by JWK with custom tooling
Grahpite Gold Force Diagram

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