XOX70 Progress Update

XOX70 Progress Update

Thank you all for your support of this project!

A few important and exciting thing to share with you all

    Project Update

      • Vendor orders have been consolidated and finalized, raw material acquisition starting Monday next week (informed by factory) CNC will begin 21st Nov. ETA for vendor delivery remain unchanged (Q1 2023)
      • Carry case internal foam cut will receive an update, current foam cut is tiny bit too tight.

        Further refinements

          XOX70 prototype test started when first sample showed up at my door and never stopped, one and half years later I have lost count how many different build combinations that I have done, hundreds? Just the grind to the have a keyboard deserved a permanent spot on your desk

          PCB Flex Limitor - Injection molded silicon / polymer material, these can be placed anywhere between the flex cuts on the PCB, allowing you to fine tune your build typing feel and acoustic to EXACTLY how you like it to be. These will work for both full plate and half plate builds, compatible with both Solder and Hotswap PCB. Combined with all the plate offerings there is limitless possibility of customization. (Initial prototype has been tested daily for little over a month now, specs are in the final stage)

          PCB Flex Limitor

          Silicon gasket strips – Die cut silicon strips, these can be use on the bottom case as poron gasket replacement. Firm typing feel and increase in volume (DIY prototype tested and specs are been finalized)

          The design decision and material choice and made based on review of content creator builds and feedback, community preferences and the respects for people to were drawn in the early stage of IC. These will be included in every GB order for free and extras will be made available for purchase

            Electro Capacitive PCB Kit

              In design / prototyping stage. Planned contents will be FR4 plate, PCB (no flex cuts), slider housing, sliders, dom, spring, and stabilizers – a single kit with all you need to build a FRL TKL “Topre” board.  Slider housing and slider will be completely new design that are not seen in the market. It will be limited in stock if costs allow me to do so

                XOX70 Badge collection

                  Community design based, more details to follow. Subscribe to my newsletter and follow-on Instagram 👉 here 👈

                    XOX70 Special Edition

                      Planning 2 editions – code name YWMC and YWWC. In-stock, no more information available at this stage.

                      Final notes: a new round of COVID wave is sweeping across the world, stay safe!

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