Order Modification & Address change

Order Modification

Forget something or need to make changes to your order? We are happy to help you make changes to your existing order.

Group Buy Orders

During the group buy period, if you would like to make any changes to the order you have placed please email info@thocc.supply with your order number and changes you would like to make. We will reach out via manual process and send out an new order confirmation when it's complete.When you received new order confirmation please check to make sure order modification is done correctly to your request.

We are unable to make any changes to group buy orders passed the Group Buy End Date by more than 7 days.

In Stock orders

Orders can be changed before it is marked fulfilled, please get in touch as soon as possible sometimes fulfillment is faster than what we can execute order changes.

Shipping address change

Please get in touch via email as early as possible if your order's shipping address need to be amended or updated. When filling out shipping address please make sure all relevant fields are populated and with correct information.

When requesting an address change, please ensure you have received an confirmation email from us stating your address have been successfully updated.

Wrong shipping information or with insufficient details  may result your order returned back to us or delivered to the incorrect address. For orders returned back to us with incorrect or insufficient delivery information we will be in touch via email and you are liable for any addition shipping fees.