Please use below JSON file while we are working to have the final firmware merged to QMK master.

Download file according to your PCB below:


To load JSON

  1. Visit https://usevia.app/settings (do so with supported browser such as Google Chrome etc)
  2. Link daughter board and main PCB with JST cable provided, then connect to your computer 
  3. Click "Authorize Device" shown in the page
  4. Select XOX70 in the Pop up
  5. Click the "Gear" button on the top bar and turn on "Show Design tab"
  6. Click on the "Paint Brush" button on the top bar and click on "Load Draft Definition"
  7. Select the correct JSON file matching with your PCB (Solder or Hotswap)
  8. Correct layout should show up in the configuration window now
  9. Go to the configure window and have fun

This is a temporary workaround until our firmware been approved and merged into QMK Master, when this is completed you no longer need to perform the steps above. 

This version of JSON is only compatible with Web VIA, desktop version is no longer supported 

In case you need to flash firmware to your PCB, complete the following step before assembling your keyboard

XOX70 Hotswap firmware HERE

XOX70 Solder V3 firmware HERE

  1. Putting the PCB in flash mode. You'll know the board is ready to be flashed when a new drive labeled RPI-RP2 shows up. This can either be found in ThisPC or on the Desktop for MacOS. Getting the PCB into 'flash' mode can be done in 2 different ways:
  • Physical Reset Button - On the back of the PCB next to the MCU you'll find a button labeled RESET, hold down the button, whilst holding down plug in the USB cable.
  • Step 2 Now that you have the drive open the board is ready for flashing, click and drag the xox70_hotswap_via.UF2 firmware file into the drive. The PCB will automatically restart with the updated firmware.