Quality Assurance and QC Standards

Quality Assurance and QC Standards

At Thocc Supply, we want you to enjoy your purchase and be satisfied with the product we produce. Therefore we have set out a detailed QC standards for the following category :

Keyboards - A stock (Group Buy Orders)

  1. Keyboard case (top & bottom) 
    1. External surfaces (viewable surface when it’s fully built) - should be free from machining marks, dents, scratches (surface defect less than 2mm wide and only noticeable under certain light conditions are considered acceptable). No anodizing streaks or discoloration. E color free from bubble and bumps.
    2. Internal surface - anodizing hook marks, small machining marks (especially near case screw points, corners), small discoloration near screw holes, and very faint anode streaking is acceptable.
  2. PCB
    1. PCB & Daughterboard should be fully functional and no components missing or detached in both Solder and Hot Swap version. Please test PCB on delivery, once PCB have been deemed soldered or used we are no longer able to provide free exchange or replacement if there is a fault
    2. JST cable intact, no loose wire or broken wire
  3. Plates
    1. Plates (full & half) should be free from obvious machining marks and dents. Aluminum plates may show very slight warping during transport (not fully flat on a flat surface but straight when fully built with switches)
      1. POM & PC plates due to material softness may show small scratches
  4. Carry case
    1. Zipper and carry handle are properly attached and functional, exterior free from unclean-able stains

Any received item does not meet above standards are eligible for exchange or replacement, exchange and replacement will be assessed individually. Please get in touch with your order number and a brief explanation, attaching photo showing the defective part will greatly speed up the assessment process.

More standards will be added as we grow and we reserved the rights to amend and alter our policy without prior notice.