[GB] Metal Keyset Adjustment Tool


This is a adjustment tool to accompany Besides Studio Metal Key set.

During the group buy you will receive 1 per order, if you would like more please add this into your cart together with your keycaps before check out.

With more and more custom switches are been released by various manufactures you may find a need to adjust your metal key set stems tightness if you feel it is fitting too tight / loose on your switches.

Made out of machined stainless steel

Switch fitting too tight:

  • Use the flat end of the tool to gently inserted in between the key cap stems to increase the gap or

Switch fitting too loose:

  • gently press the keycap stem into the socket on the opposite end of the tool to reduce the gap.

CAUTION: It is always advisable to adjust bit by bit and test your cap fitting on the switch you are adjusting for. NEVER apply excessive force to the cap stem as it may cause damage or breaking the stem   

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